How Pre-Orders Work

So how do our pre-orders work?

We consider our pre-orders as 'constant'. What is a 'constant pre-order' you may be asking. Due to the popularity of our pre-orders they do not stay in stock long. When we first list items that are not in stock they will be classed as a pre-order. When we receive orders for these pre-orders they're fulfilled in the order we receive them. If we then have little to no stock left after fulfilment those specific pre-orders will then continue to be showing as a 'Pre-Order' item on our website, what we have come to call 'Constant Pre-Orders'.


  1. Hades Hot Topic Exclusive is first put on pre-order
  2. We receive 200 orders of Hades
  3. We order 220 Hades for these pre-orders
  4. Once our shipment has been received we will then fulfil all orders from first to last
  5. Depending on condition, we will only have 20 left in stock
  6. If they sell out fast then Hades will then be put back on pre-order

In some cases we may not have 20 remaining after all orders have been fulfilled. In this case Hades will not be put as 'In Stock' on our website and will remain as 'Pre-Order'.


You could say our pre-orders are 'on demand'. We don't always have a specific date of arrival but we will always aim to get you your order as fast as we possibly can.

Most, if not all of our pre-orders are exclusives from outside of Europe such as Hot Topic, Target, Walmart, BoxLunch etc. You will never be charged customs on our orders if you're based in the United Kingdom. We pay all customs for you.